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Welcome in this small space which will send you to my musical universe essentially turned here to the electro music I listen to, I mix and I share. You can listen to some mixes I created for various opportunities . You will see that my tastes in term of electro music bend mainly towards the deep and tech house music even if I also appreciate the strength and the rhythm of techno music and the other flavors of the electronic music. The wide range of electronic music evolves at high speed and is listened to by a very eclectic public. My space doesn't claim to present you all the electronic music evolving. It might be endless. This space will be simply a sharing place for every visitor who would slide an ear there. Enjoy!

dimanche 16 mars 2014

Underground Journey

This mix welcomes the deep tech house for summer 2013. According to your mood its atmosphere leads you in various summery places. Enjoy ;-)

1. Qualia - Plasma 2. Tom Pooks - Headphone (Marco Dassi rmx)  3. Seth Troxler, Tom Trago, Subb-an - Time 4. The Sushi Club - Dopia (Christian Burkhardt rmx) 5. &ME - Everless 6. German Brigante & Samuel Dan - Sweet Home 7. Philipp Ort - I Heard About You 8. Re-UP - Shindi (Tom Budden rmx) 9. Zoe Xenia - Blow-Out 10. Mark Mywords - Against all odds 11. Pablo Fe - Music @ Night 12. Dirty Culture - Unbalanced 13. Deep Mariano & Yoshitaca - Oh Yeah! 14. Junior Gee - Vibes 15. Ray Okpara - Chi This Wonder Up (Rodriguez Jr. rmx)


mardi 4 mars 2014

Armada, Distorted buzzer on Le Pont Flaubert

Big tech house mix played  for the event Armada 2013 which took place in Rouen, a French town in North of Paris. A very heavy tech house with bewitching rhythms which touche sometime the techno music borders. Let's raise the sails!

  1. Mihail Kormos - Keep on move
  2. Danny Serrano - Wild things
  3. Darlyn Vlys - Comodin
  4. Junior Gee - Whistlebump
  5. Markus Mehta & Alec - Chaos theory (Rino Cerrone rmx)
  6. Project AKC - Dishwasher
  7. Florian Meindl - Good times
  8. Sasha Carassi - Old rustle
  9. Adam Beyer & Alan Fitzpatrick - Human reason
  10. Ahmet Sendil - El baile (El Mundo & Satori rms)
  11. Axel Karakasis - Barracuda
  12. Matt Minimal - Gate 56
  13. Electric Rescue - Infected (Kiko rmx)
  14. Won't U come

lundi 3 mars 2014


 Dive into the depths of a lake lost in the universe is probably a particular adventure. This deep tech and house session will be the  diving spot during this imaginary adventure. Enjoy the trip!

1. Moti Brothers - Tweet Tone
2. Onur Ozman - A Night to Remember
3. Loz Goddard - Moon Kiss
4. Matias Carafa - Dancing Outside
5. Helmut Dubnitzky - Uuuhaaah
6. Terry Lee Brown Junior - Home
7. Sasse - treat me (svetosslav rmx)
8. Eman, Doc Link - Solid Ground (James Dexter Mix)
9. Deep Spelle - My Heart (Alvaro Hylander rmx)
10. Jerome Sydenham - Runaway Girl


A deep tech escaping with deep roots for a reference to the great Cesaria. Enjoy :-)
  1.  Clemens Rumpf & Willy Washington feat. Teddy - How you make me feel (Keys Snow rmx)
    Tigerskin - Carlo's toughts
    Sven Jaeger - Think about
    Sydney Charles - Falling down
    Tiger Stripes - State I'm in
    Tornado Wallace - Insect overlords
    Astrid & Martin - Foundation (Ripperton's vox)
    Bodj - Tea party
    D Zeta & Basile - Just do it right
    DJ Linus & Kamillion - Who stole the soul (Unexpected mix)
    Dr Berger - Heisenberg 
  2. Ted Alexander - Energy

T.H- Dark energy mix

This mix presents is a mixture of tech house and techno tempo. We start with tech house dark atmosphere which slowly pushes us towards the heavier and more incisive rhythms of the techno. Enjoy :-)

1. Maik Yells - My Piano Teacher
2. Mark Kavas - Don't Forget Me
3. Maya Jane Coles - No Sympathy
4. Terranova - Question Mark (Adam Port rmx) 
5. Tom Flynn - Do You Like Bass 
6. Smoke Sykes - Make Some Noise
7. Angel Lopez - The Condor Squad
8. Collective Machine - Everything You Touch
9. Daniel Sanchez - Sik (Mladen Tomic rmx)
10. Dana Ruh, Andre Galluzzi - Voyage
11. Deltano - Survival Instinct (Nicolas Masseyeff rmx)
12. Gregor Tresher - Frontline (Nic Fanciulli rmx)
13. John 00 Fleming, Dave Seaman - Pixelated (Eelke Kleijn rmx)
14. Ian Pooley - CompuRhythm EP (Baikal rmx)

samedi 21 septembre 2013

Axons Traffic Jam In The House

Une tech house dont le ryhtme s'accélère, ralentit et, parfois, s'arrête (breaks) puis repart avec des sons qui dictent l'évolution de l'ambiance de ce vrai bazar.

  1. Adryan & Sandrino - Either or (Marcus Sur rmx)
  2. Monkeylovers - Hear no evil
  3. Subb-An - This place (Nic Fanciulli rmx)
  4. Wareika - The red sun into the forest (Mathias Kaden rmx)
  5. Boris Ross & Jeff Moore - Let's do this
  6. Dj Sinni - Big rip
  7. Ferdj - 2 U
  8. Herck - Trabajo (Simone Tavazzi rmx)
  9. Arjun vagale - re-up
  10. Tim Richards - Tonkatsu
  11. Neverdogs - No reflection feat. Maria Angeli
  12. Pete Dafect - MMG
  13. Tini - Shmooks raisin theory
  14. Hernan Cerbello - The nodle

Teaching Life With The Bushman

La musique, de façon générale, peut nous apprendre beaucoup sur notre culture, nos origines mais aussi celles des autres. Ce mix, tech house, va dans ce sens et trace le résultat d'une série de riches rencontres que le morceau "Für die Liebe" pourrait traduire à lui tout seul.

  1. Christos Fourkis & Moti Brothers - Tweet tone
  2. Shall Ocin - Moving On
  3. Simon Garcia - Bass li bass
  4. UGLH - The dreamer
  5. Funk E - Guadaloop E
  6. Hernan - Cerbello - The protocol
  7. Mr Cenzo - Catching my soul
  8. Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge - Für die Liebe
  9. Patrick Zigon & Todd Bodine - Atlanta transit
  10. Glico - OK
  11. Mikalogic - Temptation
  12. Martin Eyerer - Captain Spook
  13. Billuks - Late summer

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