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Welcome in this small space which will send you to my musical universe essentially turned here to the electro music I listen to, I mix and I share. You can listen to some mixes I created for various opportunities . You will see that my tastes in term of electro music bend mainly towards the deep and tech house music even if I also appreciate the strength and the rhythm of techno music and the other flavors of the electronic music. The wide range of electronic music evolves at high speed and is listened to by a very eclectic public. My space doesn't claim to present you all the electronic music evolving. It might be endless. This space will be simply a sharing place for every visitor who would slide an ear there. Enjoy!

mercredi 26 novembre 2014

Connected Deep Speakers

This set is a way to remain connected to the tech house evolution. It starts with with deep tech house tunes before turning into sharper and tougher rhythms.

1. YokoO - Dildos feat. Kate Austin
2. Callum Hammett & Leroy Roberts - For the Ladies (Martin Dacar rmx)
3. Sammy - Flames
4. Mr Morek - In The Depths Of Space
5. Mike Teknii - The Complex
6. Will Monotone - The Program
7. Hunter Game feat. Bajka - The Island (Baikal rmx)
8. M-Lito - Doped (Imugem Orihasam rmx)
9. Jonas Woehl - Paperwall with Anna Leyne
10. Panik Pop & Joseph Westphal - Raum & Zeit feat NUSJA (Solee rmx)
11. Philip Bader - Getting Lost
12. Oxia, Nicolas Masseyeff - You Know

Bluish Projection

mardi 25 novembre 2014

Soothing Commotion

This mix is soothing
a kind of deep
and hypnotic tech house
wich becomes tougher
in the end.


A progressing set during wich we can listen on a various tech house tunes.
1. Yumane - Atlantis City (Medu rmx)
2. Alexi Delano Vs. Butane - Mind Mapping
3. Jacopo Iotti, Franko Lopez - Attraction One
4. Max Cooper - Chaotisch Serie (Maetrik Abstract Beats rmx)
5. Santos Resiak - A Better Light (The Martinez Brothers rmx)
6. Danny Serrano, Nick Daring - Steppin To Mars
7. Joel Armstrong - Silvermoon (Pig & Dan rmx)
8. Nick Curly - Wake Me Up (Mathias Kaden's Rhythm rmx)
 9. The Natural - A Moment With You
10. Do Santos, Simone Vitullo - My Bassline Friend
11. Kaiq, Nik Ros - Speech
12. Mihalis Safras - Arabic (Luca M, Just2 rmx)
13. Pig&Dan, Rachel Lyn - I Am One
14. Gaulois - Living On The Music
15. East Cafe - Liebesleid (Stas Drive rmx)
16. Peter Horrevorts - Monsoon

Deep House Sur Seine - Episode 3

This is the 3rd episode of Deep House Sur Seine mixes. It remains in the same atmosphere with a deep and groovy deep music.

lundi 9 juin 2014

Textured Culture

This mix gives you an increasing tech house rhythm. It grabs some synths, soft-toned voices and groovy beats. This tech house culture will surprise your senses. Enjoy ;-)




1. Danny Serrano, Frankie Dep - All We Need Is Dancing
2. Paul C, Paolo Martini - We Repeat
3. Cajmere, Sonny Fodera - co2 Vapor (Nathan Barato rmx)
4. DJ Le Roi - Heartbreaker (Clio rmx)
5. Wade - Together Is Better (Reset Robot rmx)
6. Cihan Mareno - Ayla (Markomas rmx)
7. Sonartek, Andrea Landi - Low & Loud (Alex Piccini & Jean Bressan rmx)
8. DeMarzo - Crazy
9. Samu.l - Have It Like That
10. Xenia Beliayeva & Ilya Demin - Precious (Larry Cadge rmx)
11. Darlyn Vlys - Floor 122
12. Mineo - Turn Out The Lights (Jamie Jones rmx)
13. Walker & Royce - A Perfect Sound (feat. Louisah)
14. Anthony Mea - Sydonia

Mister Tétine & Miss D.S.


Both kids who daily show me  what dearly love means make me want to play this deep set. Enjoy ;-)

1.  The XX - Sunset 
 2. Nick Curly - Wake Me Up 
3. Youandewan - Disarray
 4. Daso - Awake At Night
5. Mendoza  - Phantasy (Justin Jay rmx)
 6. Jonny Cade & Cera Alba - Don't Want Your Love (Pete Dafeet Deep Mix)
7. Rowlanz, Dan Wild - Canelura 
 8. Gorge - Disco ReBeat
9. Homero Espinosa, Allen Craig - Sleepless Nights (Deep Cut) 
 10. Junior Gee - We Get High
11. X-Press 2 - Tell Him
 12. Mark Chambers - Well Well (Doubtingthomas rmx)
13.  Rollercone - Daydreaming

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